Yotta Smart CSOC ensures a leak-proof and fail-proof layer of robust security through end-to-end capabilities, powered by IBM QRadar.

Keep the Threats at bay with a
Dedicated Team of Response Experts

Security for the
Digital-native Age

Today, organisations across the globe are digitally powered and connected 24×7. However, to deal with numerous threats posed to their ‘always-on’ digital infrastructure, organisations need a niche skill set and the mindset to develop an impenetrable shield for their business.

Yotta Smart CSOC enables organisations to achieve this without giant technological investments and a skilled resource pool. Relieve your IT resources from the burden of security operations and allow them to move from gatekeeping tasks to more meaningful business innovation. With OpEx benefits, Yotta Smart CSOC enhances the cybersecurity posture while optimising costs.

Get Access to Best People, Process and Technology

Yotta has an established Security Operations Center (SOC) and processes to offer Managed Security Services to customers. With a team of passionate security engineers and industry veterans spread across the globe combined with Yotta’s stringent SLAs, we specialize in niche information security areas. Protect your organization from increasingly sophisticated, targeted cyber-attacks with Yotta Smart CSOC.

Yotta Smart CSOC, an Overview:


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