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Our suite of automated scanning tools helps to assess potential vulnerabilities in your business network and identify potential attack points. In addition, our penetration testing components can help identify weaknesses that might not be detectable with network or system scans.

Why The Need for VAPT

Detect the Security Flaws within an
Application or a Network

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessments typically leverage tools like vulnerability scanners to identify threats and flaws within an organization’s IT infrastructure  that represents potential vulnerabilities or risk exposures.

Vulnerabilities can result due to poor architecture or network design, difficult constructs in programming languages, Unsuccessful or misconfigured systems, systems connected to an unprotected network, Complicated hardware or software structure, weak password combinations, software errors, incorrect software settings, computer virus, or another type of malicious script injection or SQL injection.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test (pen test) is an authorised simulated attack performed on a computer system to evaluate its security. Penetration tests simulate a variety of attacks using the same tools, techniques, and processes that attackers might use. It is performed in order to prove the vulnerability and to understand the risk level in case such a vulnerability is exploited. Capabilities to perform comprehensive manual penetration testing which surpasses all vulnerability scanning tools to provide you in-depth results.

Application Security Testing (AST)

Make applications more resistant to security threats, by identifying security weaknesses and vulnerabilities in source code. With a growing number of AST tools available, it can be confusing for IT leaders, developers, and engineers to know which tools address which issues. It is important to navigate the sea of offerings by categorising the different types of AST tools available and to know how and when to use each class of tool.

Red Team Assessment

It is a goal-based activity that requires a big-picture, holistic view of the organisation from an adversary perspective that attempts to exploit potential weaknesses using sophisticated attack techniques. A security practise that has its roots in the military replicates full-spectrum cyberattacks, helps assess the efficiency of your cyber security against hostile actors and enables your defenders to test out and improve their detection and reaction skills in a safe setting.

Source Code Review

Assess identified business security risks implemented in the application’s development life cycle, security standards and guidelines. It is a manual and automated process that examines an application’s source code with a goal to identify any existing security flaws or vulnerabilities in an application code which can be in any programming language (java, .net, etc). Scan the code of an application line-by-line with a code analyser deployed in a testing environment. The pentester manually checks them to eliminate false positives.

Firewall Configuration Review

A detailed review of your firewall configuration is performed to look for any deviations from security best practices that could potentially leave your system vulnerable to attack. The deficiencies may include gaps in rules and their granularity, weak access controls, deficient managed procedures, lack of security patch updates and so on. These devices are typically one of the main security tools you employ to safeguard your network and, consequently, the sensitive data it holds.

Network & Infrastructure Assessment

Systems and software businesses implement to protect underlying networking infrastructure from unauthorised access, deletion, or modification of data resources. The prevention techniques have application security, access control, virtual private networks (VPN), firewalls, behavioral analytics, wireless security, and intrusion prevention systems.

Industry Standard Processes for VAPT

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