Yotta was born from a vision to set up the largest network of interconnected datacenter parks across the country, that would offer the highest scalability at lowest cost. But we knew that a vision without “quality” at its heart, would fall short of its objective of empowering the Digital India mission.

Starting from small datacenter facilities to building state-of-the-art hyperscale datacenters, India has truly witnessed phenomenal growth in this space. And I’m privileged to have had a front row seat in this journey. However, there’s a significant catching-up to do, both on adding supply and at the same time, raising the bar on quality of the datacenter construction and operations.

By drawing synergies from the Hiranandani group of companies, we managed to tick the following boxes that are critical to building the foundation of a datacenter ecosystem:

To raise the bar on quality even higher, we set our sights on Uptime Institute Tier Certification of Constructed Facility (TCCF). Uptime Institute Tier Certification for data centers is the gold standard worldwide for evaluating the quality of mission-critical data centers. It is the only certification globally that is outcome-based and assesses and certifies data centers on performance and continuity of operations.

All the existing Indian datacenters claiming to have Tier IV certification, had only achieved the design certification from Uptime Institute. But didn’t get Uptime Institute to validate their constructed facility to verify if they were built as per the approved design.

We wanted our customers to rest assured that we didn’t cut any corners and delivered on our promise.

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