With the vision and determination to build nothing but the best, the brownfield project of converting an existing commercial building into a high-quality data center facility (Yotta NM1) started in April 2019.

The first step towards TCCF was Tier certification of Design Documents (TCDD), which we achieved in early 2020.

To put it simply, Uptime Institute’s team reviewed Yotta NM1’s design documents. They ratified the functionality and capacity evidenced in the engineering and architectural specifications and provided consulting support to guide a final design compliant with Tier IV rating. This ensured that the plan was configured to meet our uptime goals.

The TCDD was based on a rigorous set of criteria covering mechanical, electrical, structural, and site elements, as defined in Tier Standard: Topology. We started our design process as per the Uptime Institute Tier IV standards and specification in late 2019. We submitted the drawings, SOPs, and after detailed scrutiny and various round of modifications, received the TCDD in May 2020.

It is one of the rare feats to be achieved in India given the size and scale of Yotta NM1 datacenter.

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