For a project of this scale, we needed to do plenty of preparations beforehand. A lot of pre-testing was done, and the entire testing process was rehearsed multiple times. Though the team is matured, and it was a new experience for all. They had put in special efforts to conduct remote testing of a data center of this size. Everyone involved in this project was highly aware of their roles and how to perform them. For instance, at every place to be inspected, we had a team of two people managing the testing process – one operating the camera and the other person carrying out the action.

The core members from DC Projects and DC Operations teams involved in successful execution of this mammoth task included Sanjay Kuntal, Rajesh Kadu, Rajendra Padwal, Sameer Mhatre, Dnyaneshwar Gharat, Murugan V, Ashutosh Yadav, Amit Jha, Promod Wagh, Pawan Sakpal, Smita Laad, Sanket V, Naresh Kadam, and Prashant Mhatre.

Sanjay Kuntal, Head of DC Projects led the team throughout the TCCF audit process.

Sanjay narrates, “With all the dry-runs that we did, the team gained enough confidence that they could easily manage the entire process. For a single test, we required 6-7 cameras, and all these were managed seamlessly. Besides, the team had clarity on the certification requirement and based on that; they adapted themselves. We conducted a briefing meeting every evening and mitigated the mistakes that happened during a particular day. Earlier, we had anticipated that testing would get completed in 17-18 days, but thanks to the high efficiency of the team, we completed the testing in just 11 days.”

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