In those 11 days of testing, we came across a couple of challenges. In the first attempt, there were a few tests that were not 100% successful. For instance, we had to make a few minor changes in the design and physical changes in the cooling system pipeline.

The team discussed the issues, and the design changes were made overnight by the team. The new design was submitted on the same night and evaluated by the inspectors. Next morning, the changes were discussed and made at the physical site as per the design requirements. All the changes were shown to the inspectors by 11 am, followed by the testing process and getting it passed.

We could not afford to fail in any of the tests, as undertaking those again would have had a huge cost implication. Hence, overnight the changes were made, and the next day, the tests were successfully conducted.

On the human front too, we had faced a few issues. For instance, two of the core team members, who played a critical role during the preparation of remote testing, faced medical exigencies and could not be physically present at the facility. However, they were connected to us online throughout the testing process. We would really like to appreciate their dedication.

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