Another significant challenge for us was already hosted racks of our customers in the facility when we conducted the TCCF tests. We had to ensure that they are not impacted in any way during the entire testing process. Due to our stringent implementation of Tier IV design and various Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) and internal Integrated Systems Testing (IST) done before the TCCF tests were initiated, we were confident of zero-downtime, zero-impact testing. However, before initiating the tests, all these aspects were checked to see whether they would be affected; if yes, then what would be the impact.

During the initial tests, it was found that many customers had deployed single power equipment in the server rack. They were supposed to use the double source for server, switch, router – every equipment located in the server rack must be dual powered, but a few used only single power.

Due to this, one site power failure was probable during the test. If it would have happened, then the servers or the equipment with single power would have gone down. This was addressed by our operations team thoroughly before initiating the TCCF tests. At Yotta, we have invested and equipped all the server racks with Static Transfer Switches (STS), so that even if one power is available, the rack or server does not face any downtime. Detailed planning of this exercise was done with due involvement of and intimation to the concerned customers.

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