Both are different assessments. TCDD is the assessment of the design which has taken us about 8-9 months to achieve the certification. We had to do multiple submissions, and the review lasted 7-8 months. There were a total 4 submissions, and 5 reviews before the Uptime Institute team finally approved the design.

TCCF is a physical certification that deals with the auxiliary systems which are helping to run the data center, including the mechanical, electrical, and control systems. Under normal circumstances, it never succeeds in the first attempt and inspectors have to always revisit. In an exhaustive exercise such as this one, with 76 tests spread over 11 days, it is highly possible that they come back with gaps as observed during the tests, which then need to be rectified, and tests have to be conducted again.

Moreover, data center organisations employ professionals who are Accredited Tier Designer (ATD) certified, primarily because this kind of certification helps in better understanding, timely and smooth execution of such exhaustive testing process.

We too, at Yotta, have people in the Engineering/Operations as well as Projects teams who have acquired ATD certification. Having certified people in the team not only helps in designing but also in successfully executing the tests. So, if any data center player is aiming for TCCF like certification and undergo all the testing process, ATD certification is a must.

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