About ASE Structure Design

ASE Structure Design is an Indo-Belgian joint venture company with industry-leading expertise in preparing civil, structural, and engineering designs with supporting documents for construction-related activities. As an outsourcing partner for engineering and telecom infrastructure companies, ASE has delivered more than 20,000 projects spread across various geographic locations. ​

The company provides the engineering industry with reliable design solutions across multiple engineering domains through technologically enriched design facilities that serve as a unique advantage to clients. State-of-art design facilities support its team of qualified CAD experts, design professionals and domain specialists.

High hardware maintenance cost, upgrades and collaboration became bottlenecks

Impacted by the high hardware maintenance costs and upgrade of its pool of conventional GPU workstations, ASE Structure Design explored cost-effective alternatives that don’t compromise performance, productivity, security and compliance. The Covid-19-induced lockdowns further compelled the organisation to address its graphics-intensive design workload needs in a distributed work environment.

Covid-19 lockdowns were the primary reason behind the adoption of virtual workstations and desktops, as business continuity had become a challenge with our workforce facing difficulties in delivering projects from remote locations. We also encountered numerous hardware challenges in traditional workstations, including maintenance of existing hardware and upgrading to newer hardware, which is often a costly affair, said Umesh M Pujara, Managing Director, ASE Structure Design.

To enable its remote workforce distributed across locations during the pandemic, the company was looking for cost-effective extreme performance workstations and desktops that could also meet their data security and compliance requirements.

“After an extensive evaluation of prominent service providers, we found Yotta’s value propositions checking all the boxes of our requirements. Yotta not just matched all the security and compliance criteria, but also emerged as the most commercially viable service provider for us,” said Pujara.

Going all-in with
Yotta Virtual Pro Workstations

Eliminating the hardware challenges, huge costs and remote collaboration hassles once and for all, ASE Structure Design replaced its entire pool of physical workstations with Yotta’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). In addition, for its design teams that work on graphics-intensive design workloads using AutoCAD and require extreme performance, they switched to cloud-hosted vGPU-based Virtual Pro Workstations powered by enterprise-grade NVIDIA GPUs.

Yotta offered the Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) solution based on Citrix platform, wherein there was a need to sync the customer’s onsite Active Directory (AD) to a dedicated Cloud AD. Yotta also provided access to Citrix Director, a monitoring and troubleshooting console for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for checking the login audit report. With Citrix cluster hosted on cloud, logs could be shared on request via the ticketing system. Yotta created Citrix delivery group and custom role in Citrix Director and assigned permission to the delivery group, enabling the customer to get the logs of VDI access.

Pujara explains, “After having a detailed discussion with the Yotta team and evaluating virtual workstations, we were convinced about its performance, cost-effectiveness, ease of use and greater collaboration capabilities. It is because of these value propositions, we decided to phase out our physical workstations and replace them with Linux systems to provision virtual workstations. As a result, our entire design workforce is now equipped with Yotta Virtual Pro Workstations.”

Ensuring greater security of high-value project files and associated data with robust security mechanisms such as Multi-Factor Authentication, shift to Yotta Virtual Pro Workstations also enabled the company to access logs for audit purposes, allowing them to meet compliance requirements with greater ease and simplicity.

Deriving transformational benefits

Post complete shift to Yotta’s VDI and virtual GPU workstations for its resource pool, ASE Structure Design has marked 25% savings on the total cost of operations, with elimination of hardware and ancillary costs.

Benefits at glance

Sharing more on the achieved benefits, Pujara says, “Quick, on-demand provisioning has provided higher flexibility to onboard resources remotely and scale our virtual workstation pool within no time. This is complemented by Yotta’s highly customer-centric approach and always-available support. Getting all of it at unmatched costs is cherry on the cake.”

ASE Structure Design is already planning to deploy an additional 50 Virtual Pro Workstations soon to equip its growing workforce with reliable, trusted, high-performance and secure workstations.


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