About Gexcon

Founded in 1987, Gexcon (Global Explosion Consultants) is a Norway-based global knowledge and technology leader in dispersion, fire and explosion safety and risk management. The company assists its clients in identifying hazards, understanding the risk and improving their safety performance.

Gexcon’s leadership arises from detailed knowledge of explosion phenomena built through years of extensive research, performing safety assessment, accident investigations and physical testing at its dedicated large-scale facilities. Gexcon has developed FLACS®, the world’s leading simulator for dispersion, fire and explosion.

Gexcon has become a preferred partner to a multitude of industries. Over the last two decades, the company has also built on its global experience in varied hydrogen applications including process plant design, fueling stations, transportation, nuclear, maritime, research and development, and accident investigations.

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Transforming with Yotta

5x Optimised Project Timelines at 18% Less Cost

Post detailed evaluation of Gexcon’s challenges and needs, Yotta offered Bare Metal HPC as-a-Service (HPCaaS) to manage the company’s data-intensive workloads.

Powered by NVIDIA’s Tesla T4 and A40 GPUs with Windows File Server, Yotta’s HPCaaS platform provided the required compute and GPU capabilities on a single machine. To ensure leak-proof cybersecurity, rules were created in firewall to allow and deny traffic to public IP addresses, and VPN tunnel was created to establish connectivity with Gexcon’s global sites.

We have optimised speed, cost, performance, project timelines, and reduced latency issues with Yotta’s end-to-end HPC as-a-Service. Yotta’s customer-centric support team serves as our extended IT team and we’re confident that our team can truly rely on Yotta’s expertise. With Yotta, we no longer need to worry about IT infrastructure and its security. Moreover, Yotta’s reliable network and connectivity services keep our IT systems always up and running, and help the company become future-ready. Yotta HPCaaS delivers 18% cost savings to us. I highly recommend Yotta HPCaaS to the IT leaders’ fraternity.

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