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5 reasons to work with us

We co-create

We co-create the Yotta culture through engaging conversations and discussions. We are passionate about scripting our own success story and take responsibility to participate in all facets of creating a dynamic organization.

We’re open

Transparency produces trust. And trust is great for business! Whether it’s our pricing, our product features or internal updates; we are honest with our customers and our employees and this helps us drive a culture rooted in trust.

We back each other

We all pull our weight but we also inspire and support each other to leap forward and embrace new beginnings. Loving what we do unites us and makes us go the extra mile to collaborate and back each other.

We put you in charge

We hate coming in your way. We hate breathing down your neck. We set expectations and trust you to deliver. You need help, by all means ask! But remember, you’re in charge.

We’re (really) agile

We firmly believe that Happiness is our end goal and we strive for it. This way we pull off each others need seamlessly and cohesively.

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