PEOPLE: Nitin M Jadhav: EVP and Head, Network Services, Yotta Infrastructure Solutions

Jun 02, 2023 - Tele Net

Nitin M. Jadhav, executive vi­ce-president (EVP) and he­­­­ad of network services at Yo­tta, has over 27 years of experience in the IT industry. Of the­se, 23 were spent in the data centre, telecom and cloud do­ma­ins.

During the course of his ca­r­eer, he has worked with three data centre start-ups and helped them establish core data centres, cloud, managed services and security operations businesses. These stints remain the most memorable part of his career. “Working with them across different stages brought their own set of challenges; however, the experience was unique because of market maturity,” he says. “The journey has been fascinating – right from the dotcom and Y2K era in 2000 to the emergence of the cloud in 2012 – and challenging as well, especially in the wake of the Covid pandemic,” he adds.

As EVP, he leads Yotta’s extensive network connectivity and private cloud services business, helping companies streamline and simplify their complex connectivity and private cloud footprints to maximise yields from their investment. He also spearheads the solution engineering practice at Yotta and works cohesively with businesses to understand their unique needs and challenges, and deliver tailored solutions.

“At Yotta, one of the youngest companies in the industry, we co­nstantly strive to introduce innovative and cost-effective products and services in the market while leveraging the latest techno­logies,” he says. The company is focused on instilling trust among customers through unmatched infrastructure and service delivery excellence. “Being a late entrant gives us a last mover advantage as we do not bring any legacy infrastructure burden,” he says.

According to Jadhav, 5G networks, artificial intelligence and big data, smart cities, IoT, cloud computing, robotic process automation and cybersecurity will be the top driving forces for the telecom and IT sector. “These emerging technologies will drive greater operational agility, data security and enhanced customer experiences, among other transformational benefits,” he says.

Jadhav follows a blend of transformational, visionary and delegative approaches to lead his teams to achieve organisational objectives. “This helps augment the talent and synergy of the team and create a culture that encourages adaptability, innovation and problem-solving.”

Jadhav has a background in engineering and a postgraduate degree from Symbiosis. He is also an alumnus of IIM Calcutta and IIM Ahmedabad. An avid cyclist and bike rider, he enjoys spending his weekends on the saddle of his Royal Enfield. His family comprises his wife and their two sons.


Nitin Jadhav
EVP and He­­­­ad of Network Services