Yotta’s first Datacenter – NM1- Receives a Rare Tier IV Certification by Uptime Institute (USA)

May 20, 2020

Uptime Institute’s Tier IV Certification of Design Documents makes Yotta NM1 one of the largest Tier IV certified designed Datacenters in the world

India, Mumbai, 20 May 2020 – Yotta Infrastructure – a Hiranandani Group company – has announced that the design for their first data center – Yotta NM1 – located in their Panvel Datacenter Park – has been awarded the highest certification for data center design – the Uptime Institute Tier IV Certification of Design Documents Certification (TCDD) (USA). At 8.2 Lakh sq.ft, 7200 racks and 50 MW power, Yotta NM1 has achieved the rare distinction of being among the largest data centers designs in the world and the largest in Asia, with this certification.

Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, Managing Director – Hiranandani Group, said, “Yotta’s vision is to deliver the best quality datacenter services to its customer and at the most reasonable costs. We made this possible via our group capabilities of real-estate ownership, execution acumen, power generation and distribution capabilities. The Uptime Institute Tier IV Certification of Design Documents award attests to our commitment to deliver state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to the nation.”

With this certification, Yotta NM1 datacenter’s design fulfills the Tier IV “Fault-Tolerant” criteria, thereby assuring customers of the possibility of superior uptime and continued performance in the occurrence of a fault and its consequential impact. A fault tolerant data center facility and all the customer applications and workloads hosted there are capable of continuing to operate at full capacity despite a structural failure.

Sunil Gupta, Managing Partner & CEO, Yotta Infrastructure, said, “Uptime Institute’s Tier IV Certification of Design Documents is the equivalent to the Oscar Awards for the data center industry, and we are thrilled with this achievement! Since inception, we have committed to provide the highest quality of data center and associated tech services to our customers, and we are happy to deliver what we promised our customers at the onset. It was a grueling process that took over ten months to achieve. It demonstrates our relentless pursuit for innovation and is a testimony of our unparalleled commitment to our customers who look for nothing but the best. Having secured this initial design certification, we’re now also moving forward immediately with the Uptime Institute Tier Certification of Constructed Facility (TCCF) which is expected to be completed and earned soon.”

“For the design for Yotta NM1 to achieve the Uptime Institute Tier IV Certification of Design Documents, while still keeping the space usage and overall costs at an optimized level, required an out of the box design approach. Yotta achieved this milestone by implementing truly unique and innovative design and engineering. This is most impressive,’’ said Martin McCarthy, Chairman and CEO, Uptime Institute. “We congratulate Yotta Infrastructure on this rare achievement, for not only the largest data center designs in India, but one of the largest Uptime Institute Tier IV Certification of Design Documents to be awarded worldwide—ever.“

Explaining the Fault Tolerant design of Yotta NM1, NK Jain, Chief Technical Advisor at Yotta Infrastructure, said, “Any single point of failure in power and cooling systems and various supporting systems including structural, civil, automation and others cannot bring down a customer’s rack or other infrastructure at any point of time. Equally stringent are the criteria that even if there is an incident of fire at any place in the data center, full power and cooling should continue to the rack for at least one hour, even while fire may still be on.”

Uptime Institute’s proprietary but freely available Tier Standard is the globally recognised standard for data center reliability and overall performance, with over 1,600 Certifications issued in over 98 countries around the globe, said Mustapha Louni, Managing Director, Middle East and Africa. ”Tier IV site infrastructure builds on the capabilities of Tier III, adding the concept of Fault Tolerance. Tier IV Certification designates the highest level of availability, performance and resilience that a data center can achieve. It is designed to support mission-critical operations, where failure is not a option.’’

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