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Streamline connectivity with single-hop access to a host of high-speed, low latency services including internet peering, cloud connect and datacenter interconnection through a diverse footprint of leading telcos, internet service providers and internet exchanges – all under one roof.



Leading Connectivity Providers
Under One Roof

As a carrier neutral datacenter, we connect to multiple service provider’s reliable network to facilitate high-speed, better geographical spread. Beyond providing colocation, it also extends an easy connectivity to the widest choice of carriers, ISPs, Internet Exchanges, Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) and other network service providers to build your own communication networks to deliver the optimum end user experience

Access to The World’s Leading Cloud Providers

Yotta Global Cloud Konnect solution, powered by DE-CIX Direct CLOUD, enables customers to reach global cloud providers including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and others through a single point and helps them eliminate direct connection costs.

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Internet Exchanges

With the presence of leading Internet Exchanges including NIXI, Extreme IX and DE-CIX, Yotta offers expanded high-speed interconnection capabilities with enhanced network performance, low latency, and internet peering services. It allows enterprises to establish high-bandwidth connections to a vast number of local carriers, ISPs, content providers, without the hassles and costs of multiple separate connections.

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Datacenter Interconnect

Datacenter Interconnect (DCI) technology connects two or more datacenters over short, medium, or long distances using high-speed packet-optical connectivity. Yotta DCI solution offers a more scalable, reliable, and secure way to connect datacenters of public, private and hybrid cloud environments.



Hosted Network Services

Yotta Hosted Network Service empowers hosted enterprises to stay connected with their customers, business partners, employees, other stake holders and run their business operation smoothly.

With required reliable and high-speed connectivity to the widest choice of carriers, ISPs, IX’s and other network services provided Yotta helps you build your own communication networks.

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