The need for
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

An enterprise asset goes through various phases within a business, from acquisition to maintenance and use to disposal. The asset lifecycle helps to track and manage the performance, utilization, and costs associated with an asset.

The need for EAM arises from the need to manage and maintain the physical assets, which can be complex and costly. A comprehensive Asset Management platform equips organisations to efficiently track and manage their assets, ensuring that they are properly maintained and utilized, leading to optimal usage, reduced costs, and minimizing downtime.

Gain More Visibility and Control
of Your Enterprise Assets

Industry Use Cases

  • Law Enforcement
  • Emergency/Critical Services
  • Defence and Military
  • Education Institutes
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Telecom/IT
  • BFSI
  • Healthcare
Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Certainty is important not just for the judiciary but for others who also depend on them. Keep track of equipment issued to officers, armory supplies, vehicle assignments, stockroom inventories, uniforms, and more. Perform audit across stations/locations and get real-time visibility.

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Unified Asset Management

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Customer Success Stories

Victoria Police – Operational Asset Tracking and Management

  • Consolidation of all stand-alone systems and manual processes
  • Consistent processes implemented across all stations and business units – single source of truth
  • Armory have automated bi-annual audit process – audit Jobs can be performed simultaneously across all 400+ stations and business units – real time visibility of progress and audit history recorded

BAE Osborne – Ship building Industry - Hunter Class Frigate Program (HCFP)

  • Production worker authentication, Issuing of tools with job card association
  • Tool calibration and service management
  • Overall program benefitted across 10 tool cribs, building 9 ships via 843 employees and 21,000 tools

South Australia Country Fire Service SACFS

  • Consolidation of various disparate asset management practices across 6 regions state-wide
  • Helped to achieve ISO 55001 compliance with whole-of-organisation alignment of processes and practices giving a single source of truth for all SACFS assets
  • Executive reporting for Governance and Compliance

British Army Infantry Training Centre

  • System requirement to cater for the fast issue and return of weapons and associated sights
  • The time to issue and return weapons was reduced from 2 minutes to 1.5 seconds per firearm
  • An audit trail (chain of custody) showing who the weapon had been issued to along with the date and time

UK Ministry of Defence HQ - TIGER (Theatre Integrated General Equipment Register)

  • Required a system that allowed them to perform audits of vehicles and other military equipment used in theatres of war
  • A new group was set up called TIGER whose role was to “maintain an inventory of designated equipment that is deployed in support of UK Defence missions in order to provide commanders at all levels with a timely and accurate audit and information tool
  • The TIGER team track Tanks, Armoured Cars, APC’s, Land Rovers and other vehicles in and out of operational theatres and physically audits every asset at least every 90 days

Royal Melbourne Hospital – Asset Tracking and Management

  • Deficiencies in the old system had started to create unacceptable risks for the hospital in governance, regulatory compliance and cost efficiency
  • Eliminated some of their old paper-based systems to make the generation and management of planned preventative maintenance work orders easier while also allowing their customers to quickly raise job requests when malfunctions or incidents call for repairs
  • Benefits include cost efficiencies, increased productivity and improved medical outcomes to account for the maintenance scheduling, storage and usage of all equipment used in its clinical operations

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