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50 mn pages of Madhya Pradesh High Court - Piqled

Legal and Finance records that need to be preserved over ages for reference. Urban planning maps, land records, legal records and more can be stored for longer periods to maintain accessibility at any stage.

The High Court of Madhya Pradesh collect large volumes of legal records that must be stored for long periods of time. Due to challenges of access and rising storage cost for paper-based archives, decided to digitise and preserve.​

Piql has preserved more than 50 million pages for the high court in a visual format on piqlFilm, and thus provided much-needed data security and integrity to the stored documents.​

What data formats can I preserve?

Yotta Preserve supports any form of data

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Check out a comparison below between various storage types and your needs. With Yotta Preserve powered by Piql, we address them all.

How does Yotta Preserve
solve data migration problem?

We can help you preserve and archive your data for centuries and guarantee its access anytime you need it. Your data, be it books, manuscripts, journals, films, or any form of analog or digital content can be stored for ages. There is no need to migrate data from one storage medium to another or duplicate copies across HDD/LTO.


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    Media & Entertainment

    Preserve your analog, digital, video, audio or any form of multimedia content for future access - seamless integration with an existing system and support for all file types, including non-standard formats and HVEC compression.

    Case – Czech Radio

    Czech Radio had concerns that their most valuable radio recordings would get lost over time, due to threats like bit rot during tape migrations, software and hardware obsolescence, and the unpredictability of cost related to migrations.

    Piql provided a digital master copy with improved metadata descriptions where their «Golden Treasures» are stored in open-source WAV format.

    Culture and Memory Institutions

    Museums, Galleries, Religious Organisations, Art Institutions require long term preservation capability due to the significance and irreplaceable information they hold. With this service, they can future-proof their unique pieces without the need to worry about data loss or impact of weather on their artifacts. Case – The National Museum of Norway The museum was in need of a long-term master copy of their 3D scans and photos of their paintings, that would give a visual representation together with digital data. They have signed a collaboration agreement with Piql which entails preservation of digitised paintings and digital born arts. The Norwegian National Museum entrusts Piql to provide a solution that makes the authentic files of their most important pieces of art available for the future.