Hybrid And Multi Cloud Management

Yotta’s Extended & Federated Cloud Management Service aims at providing a single-window cloud solution, designed for organizations opting for a cloud model – whether Private, Public, Hybrid or Multi-cloud.

We offer a comprehensive “Hyper Scale Cloud” stack along with management, security, connectivity and business resiliency solutions under single construct and SLA.

Fully-managed Multi Cloud Service

Multi Cloud Management

Cloud is disrupting traditional IT faster than we think. Today, many Indian businesses are deploying to or have fully embraced the cloud. However, each application / workload may require a different cloud solution. Yotta as a certified managed cloud partner of AWS, AZURE and GCP can help you adopt a multi-cloud approach while addressing these challenges.

Multi-Cloud Management Lifecycle

Hybrid and Multi Cloud Management
Service Portfolio

A well-rounded Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Management Service Portfolio empowers businesses to harness the full potential of hybrid and multi-cloud environments without being burdened by operational complexities.

Yotta offers a unified approach to efficiently manage the entire cloud ecosystem, ensuring seamless integration and optimized performance across various cloud environments. It empowers businesses with the ability to leverage the benefits of multiple cloud providers while maintaining control, governance, and security.

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