Holistic Cybersecurity Protection for
Complete Digital Footprint

Yotta’s comprehensive cybersecurity suite harnesses the next-generation cybersecurity capabilities to keep constantly evolving threats at bay and safeguard each layer of your IT environment.

Cybersecurity Assessment Services

Yotta offers professional cybersecurity assessment services for enterprises’ critical assets, infrastructure, applications, and data that help businesses gauge their cybersecurity posture, and identify the best practices and policy frameworks for building a leak-proof defense mechanism.


Access Management

Authenticate, authorise, and audit access to applications and IT systems with Yotta’s Access Management solutions, and eliminate risks with complete visibility and control on access to your digital environment.


Perimeter Security

Defend your corporate networks from a range of targeted attacks with Yotta’s Perimeter Security solutions that offer surveillance detection, pattern analysis, threat recognition and effective response capabilities.


Endpoint Security

Yotta’s complete Endpoint Security solutions protect enterprises’ valuable data on employee endpoints, wherever they are while providing seamless visibility and control over data and devices.


Server Protection

Yotta’s Deterministic Protection Platform and Advanced Persistent Threat & Malware Protection solution infuses servers and applications with intelligent, automated security that protects from the inside. It proactively detects any anomalies when your processes are running and mitigates them in real-time, thus enabling your servers and applications to protect themselves during runtime without any impact on processes and performance.

Application Security

Develop, add, and test security features within applications to prevent security vulnerabilities against looming threats such as unauthorised access. Yotta’s Application Security service offers enterprise-grade, adaptive web application and API protection (WaaP) in an easy-to-use, hassle-free solution that secures your internet footprint from a host of threats and attacks.

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Yotta Smart CSOC

Delivered by certified cybersecurity experts, Yotta Smart CSOC secure enterprises’ digital footprint from new-age, sophisticated attacks. Equipping businesses with state-of-the-art Smart Security Operations Center (SOC) capabilities, our cybersecurity professionals work with your teams to understand the unique needs, define and deliver the best-suited services.

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