Leverage the power of hybrid and multi-cloud platforms to accomplish your business goals

Our Approach

Moving your data and applications to the cloud without a proper strategy and cloud environment could prove detrimental—and costly—to your organisation. A cloud readiness assessment helps you assess your organisation’s potential for the cloud. We can help you streamline your move to the cloud and maximise uptime, all with a cloud readiness assessment.

Cloud Migration Services are designed to facilitate the transition of a business to cloud platforms – safely and efficiently.

• Key Business Objective: We keep your business goals in centrefold when performing a cloud readiness assessment

• Best fit Solution: Our cloud experts will help you determine the best options for your organisation—a private cloud, public   

   cloud, or hybrid cloud environment

• Identify Usage Scenario: Quantifying the benefits to the organisation and to your customers  

Infrastructure Assessment: Can the current IT infrastructure be leveraged?



Legacy applications consume a lot of time and resources, and modernizing those applications to the cloud is the only way forward. Yotta modernizes your age-old legacy applications to the cloud and ensures they are operating with much better returns/results than before.  With Yotta, we modernize legacy apps deployed on an older version of Linux (e.g. RHEL 5.x and CentOS 5.x) and Windows (2003 and above).


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