Bridge the gap between global cloud platforms
and your infrastructure

In an increasingly dynamic and digital-centric environment, business workloads are spread across a distributed cloud setup. To ensure optimum performance and gain the maximum benefits from your multi-cloud environment, it becomes crucial that your infrastructure and cloud setup operate in an integrated manner. Connectivity is key to achieving this, but establishing multiple connections to different cloud platforms results in high costs, complex management and a lack of visibility and control. Imagine a solution that bridges the gap between your infrastructure and cloud platforms, while eliminating the hassles of complex connections and high costs.

Multi-cloud simplified

A one-stop solution to simplify your multi-cloud environment, Yotta Global Cloud Konnect establishes a single, seamless, reliable connection to a host of leading global cloud service providers. It ensures that your data traffic gets the fastest transit path between your infrastructure and cloud platforms, ensuring reduced latency and improved performance. Further, it relieves your IT teams from the complexities of separate connections, boosts your business processes and delivers services to your end-customers more efficiently. A lot more benefits at less costs.


How does it work?

Scenario 1:
Single-hop connectivity for customers colocated at Yotta

Enterprises hosted at Yotta facilities can simply connect their infrastructure with DE-CIX nodes with a layer of Cross Connect and access a host of cloud services with Global Cloud Konnect.

Scenario 2:
Easy access from Yotta’s multiple connectivity sites

Enterprises with on-premise infrastructure can also avail Global Cloud Konnect by establishing a connection between their infrastructure and the closest Yotta connectivity site.


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