Delivering Enhanced Business Benefits
with our Second Cloud Region

Located at Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh, Yotta’s second cloud region allows organisations to take their cloud resources closer to their customers, and enable superior, reliable, and faster service delivery while strengthening resiliency through robust business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.

Wide Range of
Compute Templates Available


Comprehensive Cloud Ecosystem


  • Available in in multiple options for your various workload
  • Supports Multi Hypervisor – VMware & RedHat KVM
  • Available as Elastic Compute (EC) & Virtual Private Compute (VPC)
  • Supports Diverse Operating System and Image Management Services
  • Features Auto Scaling to ensure on-demand scalability of VMs
  • Supports Snapshot for point in time copy of your VMs configuration and data in the event of a failure

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  • Network, security architecture built to provide secure environment
  • Multi-vendor and multi-technology support
  • Managed Firewall, Unified Threat Management, Managed DDoS, VAPT, MFA and more
  • WAF for Protection against OWASP and cloud-based threats and vulnerabilities
  • Remote access VPN for your remote workforce a secured access to cloud or corporate networks
  • Data protection through hardware firewalls, HTTP over SSL, IP Sec Tunnel and dedicated VDOM (Firewall)

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  • File, block and object storage with failsafe architecture and high resiliency
  • Offered via multi-protocol unified storage (ISCSI/FC SAN/NAS and Object) on subscription based model
  • High availability achieved using multi controller, DISC redundancies through RAID, Dynamic Multi pathing on storage infrastructure
  • Enterprise grade security through LUN segregation, Masking, Fabric Zoning, virtual isolation and authentication
  • Extensive Platform & hosting environments supported like Windows, Linux, Unix
  • Predictable pricing, no charges for GET and PUT requests

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Network & Connectivity

  • Virtual Router (VR) enables to create tier network architecture for VPC
  • Define subnets (CIDR), SSL VPN, Gateway LB, ACL & Security Group (SG) etc
  • Configure Site-to-Site & Client-to-Site VPN to access securely
  • Inbound & Outbound securities policies can be defined for EC
  • Control inbound and outbound access policies for individual subnets

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Business Continuity Services

  • Future Ready LAN / SAN / Cloud Backup with disk and Tape out option
  • File, data bases and application backup and recovery for Hybrid setup
  • Hardware Agnostic, does not matter if it is physical or virtual hardware
  • Backup policy customization on top of standard policy
  • Multiple plans with RPO and RTO
  • Primary and secondary copy with recovery options

Self-service automated portal for ease of use and convenience

  • Deploying entire cloud environments and applications
  • Managing users and permissions levels
  • Access to accounts and billing
  • Self-service cloud portal for complete management of your compute instances and Cloud resources like Network, Storage and more
  • Access your account, check your active subscriptions and your Cloud billing from the Account section of Yotta Enterprise Cloud portal
  • Start, stop or restart your Compute Instances with just a click

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