The Most Optimal Environment
for Critical Workloads

Suitable for a Wide Range of Use Cases

Combining the proven reliability of IBM Power with Yotta’s signature infrastructure and service delivery capabilities, Yotta Power Cloud provides the perfect environment for workloads that matter to the core of your digital operations and business continuity.

High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Ensure availability of data and critical workloads to ensure business continuity and future-proof applications with disaster recovery capabilities. Yotta Power Cloud’s highly-available infrastructure eliminates single points of failure and ensures that business applications are always up and running.

Development & Testing

Organisations can easily develop, test and implement software with the ability to switch on/off resources, while reducing costs. They gain entire enterprise systems as-a-service for fast, low-risk development and testing on the Yotta Power Cloud.

ERP and New-Age Workloads

Get a highly reliable, secure and robust environment for your business’ ERP workloads and new-age workloads like DevOps, BigData, Analytics , AI/ML, NoSQL, etc., to unlock their maximum performance with Yotta Power Cloud, supported by complete freedom to scale as your landscape expands with business growth.

Gain more freedom with Yotta Power Cloud

IBM Virtualisation Engine allows you to create Logical Partitions (LPARs) as per demand, with the freedom to have both, AIX or Linux operating systems – backed by SLA of 99.9% infrastructure and data availability hosted on Uptime Tier-IV certified Data Center.

Why do enterprises trust IBM P-Series?

IBM P-Series is trusted by businesses that want to leap to the next level of infrastructure; 93% of IBM Power customers achieved up to 6x better system reliability and availability. Here are more reasons:

*According to ITIC 2022 Global Server Hardware, Server OS Reliability Report

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2 plans under Yotta Power Cloud
Yotta Power Cloud
1x core Plan
  • Starts at 1 Core and 32 GB RAM with add-ons of 0.1 Core and 4 GB RAM
  • Support (L1,L2,L3)
  • Licenses (SUSE / AIX / RHEL subscription)
Yotta Power Cloud
High Availability Core Plan
  • Starts at 1 Core and 32 GB RAM with add-ons of 0.1 Core and 4 GB RAM
  • Support (L1,L2,L3)
  • Licenses (SUSE / AIX / RHEL subscription)
  • High Availability

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