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Train Large-Scale Models Across Thousands of 
NVIDIA H100 or L40S 

NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU: Exceptional Performance

Experience an Order-of-Majority Advance in Accelerated Computing with the NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU, offering unparalleled performance, scalability, and security. This GPU introduces a dedicated Transformer Engine for trillion-parameter language models, accelerating LLMs 30X faster than its predecessor. 

NVIDIA L40S GPU: Unparalleled AI and Graphics Performance 

Delve into unparalleled AI and graphics performance with NVIDIA L40S GPU, engineered for exceptional multi-workload performance. Combining potent AI compute with top-tier graphics and media acceleration, the L40S GPU propels the next generation of data center workloads, spanning generative AI, LLM inference and training, 3D graphics, rendering, and video applications. 

Products And Services Available on Shakti Cloud 

Infrastructure As A Service

On-demand infrastructure, customisable and secure, enabling scalable, efficient computing.

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Platform As A Service

Symphony of tools, abstracting complexities for seamless, efficient application deployment.

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Software As A Service

Cloud-based, scalable software access without local installations, transforming business deployment.

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Develop, Train, and Deploy 

Shakti Cloud provides a consistent, full-stack solution for developing, training and deploying your model on a GPU-powered cloud instance.