Maximising Efficiency & Profitability with Enterprise Asset Management

Apr 25, 2023

Hardcat Lebosi – powered by Yotta is an enterprise asset management solution designed to help organizations manage their assets and resources. It provides an integrated system that automates processes, streamlines operations and improves decision-making.

With Hardcat Lebosi, organizations can accurately track assets, manage maintenance and repair operations, optimize utilization, and control costs. This comprehensive system offers features such as asset tracking, asset lifecycle management, asset analytics, asset reporting, and maintenance management. It also provides an intuitive user interface and powerful integration capabilities to ensure that all assets are tracked, managed and monitored efficiently.

Additionally, Hardcat Lebosi offers a mobile app, allowing users to monitor their assets from any location. Being the world leader in Enterprise Asset & Evidence Management, Hardcat has a client base including prestigious corporates and government organizations across 120+ countries.

This video presents the benefits and features of Hardcat Lebosi, followed by a detailed demonstration of the configurations possible in the software, along with some industry use-cases.

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