Panel Discussion: How Virtual Workstations are Powering Creative Creators

Mar 04, 2022

Power and performance have always been integral to the creative industry. These capabilities came in the form of bulky, expensive workstations, but they brought their own set of challenges. Amidst today’s distributed hybrid environment, creators need much more, along with power and performance. They need seamless and secure collaboration capabilities, allowing them to share projects with teams and work with them in real-time. They also need massive scalability and the ability to work from anywhere without investing in a physical workstation, leading to hardware upgrades and maintenance costs. All this is made possible when workstations move to the cloud.

A power-packed panel discussion at VFX and More (VAM) Summit by AnimationXpress detailed the shift towards cloud-hosted virtual GPU workstations. Moderated by Anil Wanvari – Founder, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief, AnimationXpress, the panel discussion witnessed rich insights from Dr Sayed Peerzade, Executive Vice President & Chief Cloud Officer, Yotta Infrastructure; Nikhil Parab, Head, Proviz Business – Asia South, NVIDIA; and Vineet Kumar Pagaria – Director, Data Center Group, Velankani Cloud Solutions Private Limited.

During the discussion, Dr Peerzade deep dived into the industry trends and the digital imperatives of virtual workstations for the creative industry and how Yotta and NVIDIA have built synergies to equip creative creators with Yotta Virtual Pro Workstations and transform the way they work. Parab outlined how NVIDIA is addressing the industry requirements with their cutting-edge innovation. The discussion was also witnessed first-hand customer insights and experiences from Pagaria, who shared his organisation’s journey of moving from traditional workstations to Yotta’s virtual GPU workstations, the benefits achieved and more.

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