Reminiscing 2021 & Looking Forward,
Message from CEO

Dec 30, 2021

The year 2021 has been an extraordinary one that has presented immense learnings and opportunities. As we stepped into the year, we faced one of the toughest challenges with the outbreak of the second wave of Covid. But it was our determination to overcome these challenges and derive learnings from them that helped us rebound.

While we, as a society, emerged stronger from the pandemic, businesses have also shown robust signs of resilience and growth. Regardless of their size, age, or industry vertical, companies have embraced digital extensively and transformed their business processes, aligning themselves with the ‘new normal’.

India’s data center industry has been critical in ensuring the seamless continuity of businesses. The sector has witnessed unprecedented growth and remains on an upward trajectory. The Indian data center industry’s size is expected to double by 2023. Data center investment by both domestic and international players is slated to touch $4.6 billion per annum by 2025.

Yotta has evolved to become fundamentally a different company than two years ago; this has been made possible because we listen to you and understand your needs. In tandem with the transformation of India’s data center industry and customer requirements, Yotta has also further broadened its vision to create massive capacities as the country needs and deliver a much larger range of solutions on the ‘as-a-service’ model.

In 2021, we onboarded over 300 human assets, including 35 talented campus graduates, constantly enabling everyone with new learnings via our training and development program, and Yotta’s unique culture that fosters happiness.

Today, we have reorganised ourselves into five domain-specific business units, from wholesale and retail colocation to network services, core cloud services, application services to security services, and managed federated cloud services – each led by experts to support our customers at every step of their digital transformation journey.

In line with our efforts to constantly engage with IT Leaders and with travel restrictions easing out, we were excited to resume face-to-face connections by meeting customers across five cities, where we learned from their unique digital transformation journeys.

Enabling them to grow and transform with our world-class digital infrastructure and innovative solutions, we have won the confidence of over 330 customers in the last 18 months of our operations, including the whose-who of domestic and international IT leaders’ community across verticals. I must also take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude for entrusting us with their growth journeys and supporting us.

Our efforts have been recognised in the industry in the form of various coveted accolades, both nationally and internationally. As we step into another exciting year – 2022, this growth will be further driven by many factors. The government has set an ambitious target to make India a trillion-dollar digital economy in the next five years. Moreover, the Personal Data Protection Bill is taking a concrete form, and once it becomes a law, it will further boost the demand for a robust data center infrastructure in the country. This presents an excellent opportunity for data center players to ramp up their investments and capacities and support India’s digital endeavours.

As a major data center and enterprise technology player, we remain committed to enabling enterprises to achieve their digital transformation goals by expanding our data center footprint across India and through our growing portfolio of innovative solutions delivered on the ‘Everything-as-a-Service’ model.

Once again, I would like to thank our customers, partners, associates, vendors and each Yottaite for contributing to Yotta’s business and growth.

Wishing you a very happy New Year, filled with growth, success and loads of happiness!

Sunil Gupta
Co-founder and CEO, Yotta

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