State of the Market: India’s Datacenter Market

Aug 25, 2020

State of the Market: India’s Datacenter Market virtual panel discussion brings you all the key market insights, advice and thought leadership from leading experts in the data center industry. The session highlights the trends driving India’s data center market, the data center eco-system and why India is the preferred destination for International OTT players, CSPs and Hyper scalers. It also provides insights on India’s data center industry that is witnessing an interesting transition in terms of operations and technology.


Darshan Hiranandani – Group CEO, Hiranandani Group
Sunil Gupta – Managing Partner & CEO, Yotta
Jarrett Appleby – Senior Advisor, The Blackstone Group & CEO, Appleby Strategy Group LLC
Anurag Dua – Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers



Jonathan Atkin – Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets


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