Technology Session: The Dawn of Virtual Workstations in VFX

Mar 04, 2022

Creative professionals have been long dealing with the traditional workstations and all the hassles that come along – high costs, maintenance and repair, lack of remote access and collaboration. These can have serious impacts on the quality of work and productivity, leading to project delays. The complexities are further amplified in a hybrid work environment, which requires extreme performance with greater agility and seamless collaboration from different locations. Moreover, as workloads grow, easy scalability becomes a priority.

Addressing these challenges, the emergence of cloud-hosted virtual GPU workstations is proving to a boon for the creative industry.

Speaking in a focused technology session at VFX and More (VAM) Summit by AnimationXpress, Sandeep Pathak – DGM – Product and Services, Yotta Infrastructure presented how the dawn of virtual workstations is defining the future of graphic-intensive workloads. He explained Yotta’s approach to cater to every need of creative professionals through a single solution – Yotta Virtual Pro Workstations.

For more information on Yotta Virtual Pro Workstations or demo, please visit here.


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