The Next Billion-Dollar opportunity & investments in India’s digital infrastructure: Sunil Gupta

Jul 31, 2020

Today India is amidst a digital boom, remote working, online learning, affordable smartphones and broadband are few factors that are fuelling India’s data growth. Parallelly, enterprises are ramping up their cloud adoption and Government’s digital India programme is making an impact across the nation. Also, with the recent data localisation policy and with emerging technologies gaining dominance, India is witnessing a surge in data consumption. With the realisation that data centers are the backbone of this digital economy and just like a physical economy needs a massive investment in physical infrastructure in terms of roads, railways, airports, malls, hospitals, schools etc, the digital economy needs an equally massive investment in underlying Digital infrastructure, in the form of Data Centers.

To address this demand scarcity of digital infrastructure, all stake holders of this ecosystem should come together to iron out the challenges. The need of the hour is to provide data centers a separate infrastructure status and data center building should also have separate norms pertaining to fire, security, license permissions and more.

Although great change which is visible since last few years is that both the Central and state governments have become increasingly aware of the criticality of digitisation and the important role which data centres play towards that. However, considering the enormously critical role played by Data centers  in  a country’s journey towards data sovereignty, digitisation and 5 trillion Dollar economy, this is the perfect time for everyone to come together and address the challenges faced by this sector.

Watch the full video of the keynote for more details and how India Inc. can come together to address the challenges and grab this million digital infrastructure opportunity.


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