Webinar : Lead Amidst Uncertainty

Jun 05, 2020

To lead amidst these times is the toughest challenge that a leader can face. To emerge a winner in this competitive global business environment, one must think out-of-the-box, keep learning and lead the change.

Our Masterclass on Lead amidst Uncertainty – The Da Vinci Way, our expert Dr Sumit Chowdhury talked about how the greatest genius of all times – Leonardo Da Vinci, developed his skills over his lifetime and how we can apply his skills in our real-life to embrace ambiguity and uncertainty to lead in this COVID induced global crisis.

The few key takeaways of this masterclass were –

1) Develop curiosity and entrepreneurship
2) Deal with ambiguity and uncertainty
3) Develop an appreciation for finer details

In case you missed the webinar or want to revisit the session, watch the on-demand version here


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