Webinar : Masterclass on Personal Branding and Grooming with Vandita Singh

May 08, 2020

To elevate your Personal brand, one needs to focus is on A-B-C, that is, Appearance, Behaviour and Communication. Both, in personal and professional life, all these factors play an essential role to create an impact. Personal Branding is a holistic approach and the session from Vandita Singh highlighted the importance of all these with live polls, quizzes and QnA.

Masterclass on Personal Branding and Grooming touched upon topics like :

  1. Why your appearance matters, and how can you stand out in the crowd?
  2. How to dress at the workplace and other formal occasions?
  3. Identifying unique personality traits
  4. How to have impactful conversations at the workplace?

And a lot more.

In case you did not get a chance to attend this session or want to re-visit the session, watch the on-demand version here.


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