Webinar : Navigating Through a Pandemic: A CIO Playbook

Mar 27, 2020

The world is suddenly faced with a business continuity challenge. With the lockdown, companies are getting adjusted with their employees working remotely and ensuring a minimum customer experience level is maintained. In India, where remote working or work from home is not a trend, suddenly every organisations are functioning remotely from thousands of location, except for some businesses who are delivering essential services. Last Friday, Yotta conducted a virtual roundtable in association with dynamicCIO – Navigating through a pandemic: A CIO Playbook, which saw nine CIOs discuss and share their plans in this crisis and how they are managing their business as usual.

The discussion underlined that digitization and advances in technology helped many organisations to react to this adversity quickly and continue with their business as usual with minimum time. In case you missed the event, or want to watch the discussions again, we present you the recorded version of the webinar, hope the insight and ideas shared from this forum help you.

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