Webinar : Next Level Leadership

Aug 07, 2020

Few people are successful at everything they do. At the same time, few people struggle to achieve their goals. To be successful, one needs to have a never give-up mindset like an athlete. Corporate leaders and athletes have a lot in common. They need to perform under pressure, push their limits to achieve their goals.

Dr Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz developed the concept of Corporate Athlete. The duo implemented their methodology of athlete performance to corporate resources. In our Masterclass on Next Level Leadership, our expert M H Narasimhan, one among the very few Executive and Business Coaches in the country with an accreditation from the Coaching Foundation of India, gave actionable insights on how as an individual one can become a corporate athlete and can increase their leadership bandwidth. Taking Decathlon sport as a metaphor, MHN as he is fondly known guided the audience as how can one develop skills and push beyond limits to achieve the impossible.

Few key takeaways of this Masterclass were –

1) Understanding the concept of the corporate athlete
2) The Decathlon event in sports as a metaphor for today’s organisation
3) Becoming a decathlete manager – increasing leadership bandwidth


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