Webinar : Winning over Stress: A CIO Playbook

Apr 03, 2020

Stress, everyone has it, but only a few manage it. It is said that life without stress is just an experience without growth. In simple words, stress is the difference between what we think is an ideal situation while what we experience otherwise. For instance, the whole world is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, which has caught everyone off-guard. In situations like this, our mind gets occupied with lots of unnecessary thoughts, especially negative ones.

The webinar on Winning Over Stress: A CIO Playbook, led by Dr C Kumar Babu, one of Chennai’s leading Psychiatrists with over 30 years’ experience delivered his expert advise on how to win over stress. Stress is the difference between how you want things to happen and how exactly they are happening, as per Dr Babu.

Representing the CIO community as panellists were Dr Kamal Karnatak – Group CIO at RJ Corp and President of CIOs of India, Manish Israni, EVP & CIO – Yotta Infrastructure, Kamal Goel – EVP-IT & Chief Evangelist and Rahul Neel Mani, Co-founder & Editor – Grey Head Media.

Dr Babu addressed queries of attendees like How to manage expectation stress, how can one turn a stressful situation into an opportunity, how to keep teams motivated, how does one’s attitude can change his outlook towards life and more.

It was indeed an insightful and emotionally connecting session which was well appreciated by attendees.

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