Enterprises have realised that to keep pace with the changing business environment, one must leverage the full potential of technologies like Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and more. This is where reliance on third-party, multi-tenant datacenters is increasing.

However, all datacenter aren’t the same, and hence one must evaluate them in great detail… starting with their rating (Tier III/Tier IV etc.) and understand how the rating of a datacenter directly impacts the operating performance.

This whitepaper – Evaluate Datacenters with Confidence: The Complete Guide to Datacenter Ratings – will help you to:

Evaluate Data Centers with Confidence

Complete guide on data center ratings, tier levels and know how your business can gain a competitive advantage by selecting the right colocation partner

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How to Validate a “Tier” certified Datacenter?

If a data center service provider claims to be Tier III or Tier IV certified, do not take their word for it. Please ask them for their Tier III or Tier IV certificate.
Better still, you can verify their certification online! Watch the video to know more.


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