People at the fore

The entire philosophy behind Yotta CIO Innovation Council (YCIC) is driven by Yotta’s core values of Trust, Mutual Respect, Agility, Curiosity, Continuous incremental Innovation, Deep Partnerships and above all, Happiness for all. And accordingly, YCIC represents genuine respect and a mutual benefit relationship between Yotta and the CIO fraternity.

Meaningful Exchanges

Through this platform, member CIOs leverage their strong inter-connections with the peer CIO community, subject matter experts and celebrity speakers in various focused group interactions to learn from their collective wisdom to promote their professional growth.

Successful Together

Yotta gains immensely from CIOs’ experience and strategic directions to develop new products and take them to market for broad adoption. YCIC Members receive more excellent value for themselves, their organisations, their families and the CIO fraternity.

Celebrating Moments

Our close-knit community of CIOs and their families never misses an occasion to cherish the joys of life through various initiatives, be it personal development, health and wellbeing, social work, festivities and much more.

Who finds a place in YCIC?

Change-makers and achievers who share the same hunger for continuous knowledge, same energy for constant networking and the same passion for continuous innovation leading to the creation of new products and services benefitting enterprises, governments and societies.

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