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Automating Business Processes with
SAP Business One

By Rajesh Garg
May 31, 2022
4 min read

With the world moving towards completely imbibing technology as one of its key drivers, advanced technology systems and automation have become imperative for businesses worldwide. Many companies have embraced tools that would help them seamlessly embark on digital transformation and eliminate the current bottlenecks that hinder their growth.

When we talk about digitisation or digital transformation, it is important to understand that neither it is a one-off task nor can businesses achieve it overnight. While the task is steep, it should not deter them from shifting from their stale insights driven decision-making via legacy systems to modern, agile, and beefier solutions.

Automation has been one of the key drivers in enabling a business to adapt to the vociferously changing ecosystem and one of the primary enablers of automation has been SAP Business One.

SAP Business One – Your automation partner
Every business has a plethora of tasks that are inadvertent in ensuring the smooth functioning of operations. While these tasks may be laborious and time-consuming, they are an integral part and hold importance in determining business success.

SAP Business One has been instrumental in reshaping the future of how we perceive work across sectors. It is convenient for SMEs and MSMEs and has lent them additional leeway for managing their business smoothly.

SAP Business One comes with functional modules that integrate across departments, such as reporting, finance, purchase, sales, and customer relationship, allowing the company to store and manage data centrally. In addition, it has enabled smooth data and information flow across departments, removing the traditional silos that were abundant due to legacy systems.

Automation trends
Listed below are key emerging trends for organisations adopting SAP Business One for automating their operations:

  • The impetus to hybrid cloud will increase, and so will the focus on integrating cloud-based solutions to enterprise ERP
  • The demand for SAP Business One will increase, owing to the growth in SMEs and MSMEs and their move towards achieving automation
  • There will be a reinforced focus on achieving complete visibility in the company’s operations and gaining granular control.

Why do organisations need SAP Business One for automating their business processes?
Automation has been one of the needs of modern businesses for smooth and efficient day-to-day operations and management. Here are the set of questions that can propel you to understand if automation is what your business needs to level up your processes.

  • Is your software too cluttered for your workforce and hampering their day-to-day performance?
  • Is your current ERP system the reason behind multiple performance and operational bottlenecks?
  • Are you struggling to maintain inventory count across locations?
  • Is the idea of dealing with the software propelling your workforce to perform monotonous tasks manually?
  • Do you have real-time information pertaining to your business functions and invoices?
  • Does your workforce feel the existing ERP is unintuitive and difficult to handle?

SAP Business One Benefits
Here are some of the key functions where enterprises can enable effortless business automation with SAP Business One.

Management & Administration: SAP Business One enables enterprises with increased visibility, control and efficiencies by eliminating manual intervention in key areas of management and administration tasks.

Accounting & Finance: Provides the ability to gain complete insights into transactions across areas such as journal entries, financial reports, budget management, incoming and outgoing payments, account reconciliation and more, with high degree of automation.

Purchasing & Operations: With SAP Business One at the fore, businesses can undertake intelligent invoice scanning that enables them to feed the necessary data directly into the ERP through automated processing. It further allows local purchase orders to be used for automatic sales order creation, which eliminates the need for manual interpretation and overlooking.

Marketing & Sales: Seamlessly tread through and manage campaigns, opportunities and pipeline. Moreover, SAP Business One’s intelligent processing allows automatic activity creation for business partners such as logistics providers, sellers, and more.  With its Proof of Delivery Note Upload in Outbound Delivery and Invoice feature, SAP Business One adds a security layer and also automatically integrates outbound delivery status with the relevant invoice.

Inventory & Distribution: Keeping count of inventory, especially across multiple locations, can be a mind-numbing task. SAP Business One simplifies this with automated visibility on inventory availability and management across locations. It provides deep-dive into multiple day-to-day aspects including product and price management, goods issues and receipts, etc.

Projects & Resources: Data-driven insights help enterprises in better decision-making when it comes to project handling, reporting, resource capacity planning, stage dependencies and more. It enables enterprises with the ability to extract structured information from unstructured documents and integrate them with transactional data automatically.

Data collected by business document extraction is automatically enriched and integrated with your existing structured master data and transactional data, thereby aiding business partner identification.

Embark your SAP Business One journey with Yotta
When businesses are able to plan and have the right resources at play, SAP Business One can become the backbone of any organisation. It helps in ensuring that data remains centralised and available for sharing business insights across departments seamlessly.

With Yotta’s Single-window SAP Services, your business transformation becomes easier. We provide SAP advisory service, upgrade and migration, implementation, infrastructure management, and BASIS & AMS Support for optimised results.

Click here to explore Yotta’s Single-window SAP Services.

Rajesh Garg
Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Digital Officer - Head of Applications, Cybersecurity & CISO function

With a stellar record in ERP implementations in India, Rajesh leads the 360-degree growth of ERP solutions, cybersecurity solutions, application modernisation, product design and development, and consulting. He brings over 28 years of experience in technology, strategy, transformation, service delivery and assurance.

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