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Elevate Your Enterprise Efficiencies with the
Right SAP AMS Partner

By Rajesh Garg
Jun 30, 2022
4 min read

Increased outcomes and productivity remain top priorities for enterprises, and business process optimisation is a key step in this direction. Central to an enterprise’s application ecosystem, putting in place the right support framework for the SAP environment can’t be overlooked.

SAP Application Management Services (AMS) enable IT teams with the required toolsets to eliminate complexities and yield maximum value from their SAP applications while keeping costs in check, reducing risks and catering to emerging business needs.

When businesses operate in a dynamic environment, constant enhancement of their SAP landscape and its support framework becomes a key priority for IT departments to streamline business processes – and SAP AMS delivers just that.

Below outlined are the two key components of SAP AMS.

  • Helpdesk support: Offers 24/7 centralised helpdesk support through a multi-channel approach that includes web, email, phone and chat, equipping teams with better incident management capabilities.
  • System administration and monitoring: Delivers system configuration support and transport management for implementation and roll-out of new SAP projects, along with monitoring of SAP system performance and execution of routine maintenance.

SAP Basis – The base for achieving holistic management of SAP applications
Most enterprises commence their SAP journey with the implementation of ERP. However, as the scope of workflows widen, the addition of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Business Intelligence, etc, becomes inevitable. Amidst a growing application landscape, its administration becomes paramount to achieving greater visibility and unified control over business processes.

Serving as the core of an enterprise’s SAP landscape, SAP Business Application Software Integrated Solution, commonly known as SAP Basis, provides a unified administrative platform for managing SAP applications, facilitating optimum performance in all systems of the environment.

To enable interoperability and portability of SAP applications spread across systems and databases, SAP Basis helps deliver the core objective of smooth, consistent performance of SAP systems by equipping your teams with the required technical foundation, including middleware programs and tools. This is achieved through comprehensive capabilities that encapsulate maintenance and monitoring, upgrades, planning, user and system administration, among other tasks.

Here are some top ways how SAP Basis aids system administration.

  • Identification of resources for SAP deployment and upgrade
  • Future planning
  • Assigning responsibilities and tasks to the workforce
  • Review and configuration of transport requests
  • Managing system workloads and scheduling background tasks
  • Monitoring and optimising system performance
  • Managing backups and disaster recovery
  • Deploying best practices to drive greater efficiencies
  • Monitoring and analysing system logs and other administrative activities.

Driving bigger outcomes through the right SAP AMS partner
A reliable, certified SAP AMS partner can go a long way in your digitisation journey and save substantial investments in building a skilled resource pool for managing your SAP applications, leaving the job to the expertise of the service provider.

With 24/7 support backed by technical expertise and a consultative approach, a certified SAP AMS partner helps ensure the most efficient delivery of application services, maintain cost-effectiveness, and ensure flexible and seamless business operations while boosting productivity.

Strategic approach: An SAP AMS Partner with a mature understanding of your business and the digital landscape, knows what’s needed to derive the highest value from your SAP ecosystem. This puts them in a better position to align resources to future needs by taking a strategic approach rather than focusing the entire bandwidth on tactical tasks.

Greater flexibility: Agility and flexibility are uncompromisable for any business operating in a dynamic environment. Enterprises must remain on their toes to adapt their IT systems and respond to any situation or arising needs. Keeping pace with new solutions within your SAP environment through a capable SAP AMS partner significantly boosts your ability to respond to emerging business requirements.

Always-on, always available: When your business needs to operate round-the-clock, your systems can’t afford any interruptions. An SAP AMS partner ensures seamless operations with always-available 24/7 support, so your critical applications are always available to your teams and business. Further, supporting key functional and technical aspects demands the prowess of an experienced SAP service provider.

Tailored for your business: Big yields are gained when your technology partner understands your business as you do. Identifying your present and future business needs, partners can help you address them through the right set of AMS solutions, offered through right-sized delivery models that unlock the best possible value for your organisation.

Better RoI: Almost everything boils down to cost and Return on Investment, and rightfully so. Your investments in cutting-edge SAP applications generate the best returns when the entire environment functions at its full capacity and at all times. An AMS partner can help enterprises handle demands with greater agility, consistency and efficiency and derive maximum value from your SAP investments.

Yotta’s SAP AMS practice embodies all of the above benefits. It delivers them to businesses to help them unlock new levels of productivity and business success – regardless of the scale of business or industry. Yotta’s certified SAP team delivers operational and strategic objectives with superior technical expertise and industry knowledge.

Explore our SAP capabilities here.

Rajesh Garg
Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Digital Officer - Head of Applications, Cybersecurity & CISO function

With a stellar record in ERP implementations in India, Rajesh leads the 360-degree growth of ERP solutions, cybersecurity solutions, application modernisation, product design and development, and consulting. He brings over 31 years of experience in technology, strategy, transformation, service delivery and assurance.

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