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Nurture nature, and nature will nurture you

By Madhuri Mhamankar
Apr 07, 2022
7 min read

Panchtatva se hum bane hai
Panchtatva se hi Shrusti
Iski santulan na bighade,
Varna mitegi Shrusti
~Munshi Pavan Kumar


‘Panchtatva’ is the essence of life. The word “Panchtatva” originates from Sanskrit, ‘panch’ stands for five, ‘tatva’ stands for elements. We came from Panchtatva (five elements), and we will merge into them eventually. These five ‘tatvas’ are earth (Prithvi), sky (Akash), air (Vayu), water (Jal), and Fire (Agni).

According to ancient Vedic science, our body is an earth element, referred to as ‘I’, our physical existence. We have five senses – ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose, through which we connect to the world outside. There’s 70% water on the earth, and so does in our body, which is the source of our life. Fire is a source of energy and light through which we can see the beauty of the world; it’s referred to as the inner intelligence of humans. Air links us to space, our liveliness and awareness, which help us sustain this life on the earth. Sky accommodates everything, and so does our consciousness, which is unconditional awareness. Without these elements, nothing can exist.

These five elements of the universe are responsible for the creation, survival, and sustenance of human life on earth, and they directly impact our consciousness, awareness, intelligence, mind, and body.

Our planet, our health, our responsibility
Survival is a primary goal for humankind, and ours is the only planet known till now to host life. That’s why we call it ‘mother earth’. This is home to all living organisms, and we are all responsible for protecting our planet and looking after all the species that live here. Earth is a source of everything we need to support and sustain our lives. Thus, utilising the five elements of nature and their careful management is the only way to sustainable living. But today, we are witnessing environmental degradation and climate change with our unsustainable behavioural patterns, which pose a threat to life.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that climate change is responsible for at least 150,000 deaths per year, expected to double by 2030. On this World Health Day, WHO focuses global attention on urgent actions needed to keep humans and the planet’s health closely linked. Thus, the theme for World Health Day 2022 is ‘Our Planet, Our Health’ for a Healthier tomorrow. We can and must be part of the solution for creating sustainable well-being to achieve equitable health today and for future generations without breaching ecological limits.

Our commitment to a healthier tomorrow
Protecting people’s health from climate change requires transformational action in every sector and at every level. At Yotta, we focus on environmental sustainability and social and economic sustainability to ensure diversity and equality. Yotta focuses on eliminating waste, boosting wellness, incorporating greener products, and providing a green and happy environment for the communities we serve.

According to a study, human beings cannot survive beyond three minutes without oxygen, three days without water and three weeks without food. Likewise, an organisation cannot sustain itself without healthy and happy people. Therefore, happiness is one of the important parameters for assessing organisational health. We believe that a healthy body and healthy mind lead us to a happy life, and with this mantra, we promote our people’s holistic health and well-being.

Getting workplace well-being right is our prime motto. To support this, we have launched a social recognition and reward program, Yotta Care, which focuses on the health and wellness of employees and their families. The program comprises daily, monthly, and quarterly fitness challenges like stepathon, annual health check-ups, laughter therapy, fun and sports activities, Yoga and meditation, health talks and much more. We launched this program by flagging off our first employee marathon, Yotta Run.

We understand that every individual is unique. We partner with them in their transformational journey and lifestyle changes through one-on-one counselling sessions that promote holistic well-being – spiritual, mental and physical – through customised Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and provide them with a dedicated health coach. Our employees are trained and certified for achieving Yotta’s objectives under the Environment Management System and Occupational Health and Safety. We promote hybrid working and are committed to our efforts to enable a long-term positive impact on the environment and our people’s health.

It’s time for us to act for ‘Our Planet, Our Health’ on this World Health Day. Owing to the fact that the five elements of nature are responsible for preserving life on this planet, careful management of resources is the only way to sustainable living, achieving a pollution-free world where clean water, air and food are available to all. Remember, there is no ‘Planet B’, so the greatest gift we can give to the future generation is a healthy planet. Together, we must make some healthy choices today: walk or pedal, choose public transport, turn off the lights when not required, switch to renewable energy wherever possible, eat fresh and avoid unhealthy food, and phase out plastic as much as possible among other efforts.

To summarise, leaving you with one mantra for holistic health – Ati Sarvatra Varjatey (Everything in excess is opposed to nature). The word ‘excess’ is a threat to our environment and our health. This is mirrored in every walk of life, be it overthinking, overeating, overuse of electronic gadgets, oversleeping, etc. We must avoid wasting natural resources and let nature do what’s best for the planet and its people. It is, therefore, said, ‘nurture nature and nature will nurture you.


Views from Yottaites on the Yotta Care Program

Whether it’s a gym session or simply a run in the park, working out with peers has its own benefits. Yotta Care provides a platform to share our health plans and activities with colleagues and motivate each to reach our goals. This platform is helping us to progress in our health journey.

Arati Maharana
Arati Maharana, Executive – IT Operations & Engineering


Health is one aspect of life which we like to be good at, while it’s also the most neglected until a health condition occurs. The Yotta Care program helps us get that much-required nudge to prioritise our health.

Jaspreet Ahuja
Jaspreet Ahuja, General Manager – Automation


It is essential that we start investing in our health to truly relish our achievements in life. The Yotta Care platform and the various health initiatives like Yotta Run and stepathon challenge have pushed me to walk the extra mile towards holistic wellbeing.

Jayesh Sawant
Jayesh Sawant, Senior Manager – Real Estate & Project Commercial


In the journey towards achieving professional excellence, Yotta Care is an initiative that helps you achieve your goal of leading a healthy life. When you have a caravan of people moving towards a common organisational goal while motivating each other to be the best versions of themselves, you know you are in a great place to work.

Jollydeep Kaur
Jollydeep Kaur, General Manager – Sales & Business Development


Reaffirming the phrase “health is wealth”, we all agree that real wealth comes from healthy habits such as balanced diet, disciplined exercise routine and work-life balance. Taking a 360-degree approach and committed to helping employees achieve this real wealth, Yotta Care ensures wellbeing of employees on all fronts – physical, mental, emotional and social.

Rajesh Garg
Rajesh Garg, EVP, CDO and Head of Cybersecurity


Yotta Care is an excellent platform that is acting as a catalyst in my weight loss journey. It has developed a competitive spirit among us, which is an utmost requirement to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It’s highly intuitive and encouraging – from setting targets and challenges to achievement ranking. Thank you, Yotta Care and Yotta HR team for this beautiful initiative.

Sambhaji Naik
Sambhaji Naik, Head – Security & Safety


Being focused on health is not an option. Taking care of one’s own health helps achieve prosperity in everything we do. It’s a sense of achievement and it doesn’t cost at all.

Viral Shah
Viral Shah,
Head – Finance & Procurement

Madhuri Mhamankar
Head - Human Resources

Madhuri Mhamankar is a strategic and innovative leader who translates business vision into HR initiatives that improves performance, profitability, growth, and employee engagement. In her current role at Yotta, she is empowering leaders with a unique perspective and appreciation that human capital is every organisation’s greatest asset. Madhuri is an influencer and collaborator who thrives on tough challenges and enables people to translate visions and strategies into value-added goals while building a strong foundation of value-based culture. Formerly, she has worked with Reliance Communications, Global Cloud Xchange and Reliance Jio.

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